Vintage Tubs, Sinks, and Tiles Can Be Restored!

All In One – Acrylic

Maintain the vintage look of your bathroom while optimizing the aesthetic and functional value with the services of All In One Reglazing. We use a reglazing process and acrylic liners to give your home or office bathroom a brilliant look and extra durability. Enjoy the 5 years of successful experience, convenient services, impeccable workmanship, and competitive prices that are sure to make us an industry leader.

Have a New Bathroom for One-Third the Cost


All In One has a proven track record – it is the leading and most experienced application process company in the field of bathroom refinishing. Our technicians are highly trained and take great pride in their work. The results are unequaled performance combined with the best product and technique-, available. The All In One reglazing process is the one process that you can trust.

Our vast experience and precise knowledge of application are unsurpassed. This experience combined with our extensive quality control system will ensure the most important requirement of all . . . your satisfaction!

Vintage Tubs, Sinks, and Tiles Can Be Restored!

Bathtub reglazing is a process of spraying on a new glaze that will make the tub look like new again.

Acrylic Liners:

Instead of spraying the tub to look new, we can apply acrylic liners. These also make the tub look new again.

Porcelain Fixture Refinishing. Rust Removal.

Complete Remodeling and Repair Services Are Available.

Maintain the Vintage of Look of Your Bathroom with State-of-the-Art Materials

Services for Your Home. Office. Condo. Rental. Hotel

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24-Hour Bathroom Remodeling
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